Whichever one you choose, you won’t be able to tell an Instabike apart from a ‘normal’ bike, which means you won’t stand out in traffic.


Easy to steer thanks to the lightweight steel frame.


The Freedom

Placing your Instabike in a rack or lifting it onto the sidewalk is much easier and lighter than with a normal bike, thanks to the frame.


Three gears on the steering wheel, ready for use.


Just shift down your gears

We are in Holland, after all, so there’s no escaping some headwind and rain. But you’ll be a lot better equipped for this weather with your Instabike. Getting home will be much easier.


A sturdy luggage rack with fasteners.


For all kinds of things

Whatever you need to bring home, you can count on your sturdy Instabike luggage rack.


Rollerbrake brakes make sure you come to an immediate halt.



Not everyone pays very good attention in the city. That’s why you definitely need some good brakes.


Visible front and rear bike lights.

Late nights

… and the early morning

Going home late isn’t a problem with your Instabike. You’ll be easy to spot thanks to the bright front and rear lights on your Instabike.


This Instabike Citybike has a great seat.

Good springs

Wherever you cycle

No matter if it’s a short or a long trip, you’ll be comfortable on your Instabike.


Thanks to your Instabike’s locks, theft is nearly impossible.

Your Instabike


That’s why it’s important that you lock it well with the AXA lock and the chain lock. Don’t forget! Otherwise your Instabike will be gone in a heartbeat.

I want this Instabike

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein